Jan 14 2020

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Instant loans bad credit


Choosing Installment loans for bad credit is the best possible option

What is an installment loan especially for bad credit?

Taking installment loans for bad credit you should know that the whole amount of your loan is going to be divided into fixed parts. These instalments should be repaid within some definite period of time. Today a lot of people have to use installment loans like a way of solving their problems when they need money immediately without having time to wait. If you can’t afford taking the expensive loans, we are ready to support our clients by providing them with the opportunity to get the necessary sum of money quickly and easily. We have a lot of advantages that we would like you to consider while taking a decision which kind of a loan to choose.

We are going to provide you with the following benefits of our installment loans for bad credit that include:

  • Getting your installment loans online from direct lenders within one day: You should be ready that the information that you gave can be checked even the company offers you installment loans without credit check. There is always some process of verification and identification of a person who is going to become a borrower of the lending company. This is done with the only aim to make sure that you are able to make the repayments successfully. But it doesn’t mean that the processing of your personal details will influence the timing of approval negatively. We always try to approve our customers as soon as possible.
  • You shouldn’t worry about the safety of your personal data if you choose us: Our main prior task is to protect your information and to guarantee you its confidentiality.

Can you get an installment loan with bad credit?

In comparison with traditional banks for us bad credit history of our clients doesn’t sound like a verdict and we are ready to give you the second chance qualifying for our bad credit installment l loans. This type of loans can be the best possible variant to solve the financial problems rather quickly. The whole process starting with the application filling out takes a very short period of time especially if you have chosen applying online.

What do you need to get an installment loan without credit check?

To have the possibility to become the holder of our bad credit installment loans you should meet the following requirements:

  1. To be a permanent citizen of the country.
  2. To have a job.
  3. To be not younger than 18.
  4. To have a valid bank account.
  5. You mustn’t be on active military service.

How much time is it given to repay your loan on time?

With our payday installment loans it is much easier to manage your monthly budget because you are offered the flexible system of repayments. Depending on your repaying abilities, you can pay the loan back up to 12 months. You can divide the amount of money in equal parts to repay it by small installments. If you have enough money to pay off earlier it will be better for your financial situation because of the lower sum of interest rates or any other extra charges. In order not to hurt your credit history you shouldn’t miss your monthly repayments. Late payments can also affect your credit score in future and become the reason of some problems with taking loans in future.

What is an auto-pay system of repaying your installment loans?

We can offer our customers the system of auto-pay of our installment loans for bad credit when we take your money automatically from your account on the due date. It will be especially useful for those people who are prone to forget about the dates of their repayments. You needn’t go anywhere to make the payment that is very convenient and definitely saves your time and energy.

Why to choose us as your installment direct lenders?

There are many companies offering similar services but we appreciate our customers and are dedicated to helping them more than others. Apply for our installment loans for bad credit and make sure for yourself. We are providing our clients with the secure and convenient installment loans without credit check with the possibility to apply online. If you have unplanned expenditures we are always ready to support you and suggest the best possible variant to solve your financial problems. Consider the benefits of choosing our installment loans from direct lenders:

  1. It will take you about 5 minutes to fill out our application form online.
  2. You are going to get quick approval and the transfer of money directly to your bank account.
  3. You will be provided with the 24\7 service of our contact center.
  4. We will make a schedule of your payments according to the dates of your salary.
  5. We don’t see any problem with your bad credit history.
  6. All your personal information will be confidential.
  7. You will have the organization of making repayment in installments monthly, twice a month or every week.

We always demonstrate transparent lending practices with no hidden fees and extra charges.

How much does your installment loan for bad credit cost?

The interest rate on your payday installment loan may differ, it will depend on the sum of your borrowing. Interest will be accrued every day according to the fixed rate. Your loan agreement will contain the information about the schedule of your repayments organized in the most convenient way due to your salary. Combination of an installment loan’s interest charges and any possible additional fees will be the cost of the installment loan for bad credit. The information about possibility of having some extra charges should be mentioned in your installment loan agreement. You can also find a notification about the late fees which may be included in case of not having the opportunity to make the repay the amount of your borrowing on time. As a rule all charges along with the annual percentage rate are expressed in international currency.

You can calculate the sum of your installment loan for bad credit using the specially developed calculator where you fill the following information:

If you still have any questions connected to our installment loans for bad credit we will always be happy to describe the features of this financial product and to consider this type of loans as the best possible solution in your definite circumstances.


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