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Best loans for terrible credit


Affirm Personal Loans Reviews

From Borrowers in the last year


3.5 out of 5 stars

3 out of 5 stars

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It’s AFFIRMative

Diddo on what everyone else has says that’s great about it. Approval was quick and easy, website and app are on point and very user friendly, and the ability to have multiple loans at once is real cool.

Sure the interest rate is high but just double-up on your monthly payments and it makes a little more sense, and they even have some cool 0% interest companies. I’m getting a $3k ebike with a 0 rate!!

If someone said something negative about Affirm, they probably got denied or paid late and blew it on they credit record.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Good idea, but credit rebuilders beware.

Never had any issues with customer service or payment problems. However, if you are trying to rebuild your credit, don’t use it regularly, only use it if absolutely needed, as each loan goes on as a separate line entry, which can really hurt your credit, both in the number of line entries overall (most loan officers will only see that you have had X number of loans, not that they were small loans that have been paid off, as well as messing with your average age calculation.

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These reviews were written by current and former borrowers in the last year.

It’s quick, simple, & interest free. How much better can you get!?

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Every time you shop, they report to EXPERIAN. So it looks like multiple new accounts are being opened hurting your score. My score dropped 8 pts in one month because the items were reported as multiple accounts being opened.

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Was approved for a small amount at first and have made all the payments on or before the due date and have been granted a bigger credit and even tho it is a high interest rate usually no worse than a credit card I love this program and have bought a few things and paid them off early would 110% recommend Affirm

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Ok but needs a few things fixed

I first applied for an affirm loan last year for a lift kit for my truck. Wasn’t approved for the entire loan and I was left to pay $300 of the remaining amount of $1500. The loan is now almost paid off and I since then have had 5 more affirm loans that are currently paid off that has equaled to $4000 and no longer had to make any payments towards my purchases. They state the terms clear in the contract. As long as you pay your loan on time. There’s nothing that goes wrong. Interest rates are about the same as any credit cards I have. I’ve had a couple issues. It’s a NIGHTMARE to update any information. You have to go through a whole process just to change your phone number. Also when going to merchants actual websites and choosing affirm at checkout, I’ve always been approved. But if I try the prequalify button on there app, it says denied. I wanted to get a loan for Walmart. Today it said I was preapproved for $1500. I went to continue and then it says can’t verify identity. I think theres a few things that still need to be fixed. If you want to apply for a loan, I suggest visiting the store website and choosing affirm at checkout rather then the prequalify button. Some stores don’t offer that though, such as Walmart. If you call them they will say they’re unsure why and to try again at a later date. I don’t understand how I can have 6 affirm loans already but can’t prequalify, makes no sense. I hope that they fix this. Affirm can be a great option for many who don’t want to drain their savings for something they would like to purchase

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Beware this company!! Terrible!!

I had an ATV partially financed with Affirm had a teribble experience. Made my payments on time for about 6 months and then was able to pay off the loan in one lump sum. I sent the payoff check to their payment address and waited for my loan to be paid off. After about 10 days of hearing nothing I called to check on it. Trying to contact these folks is a challenge in the first place but when I actually got someone to speak with they claimed they had not gotten any check from me. They told me I would be better off overnighting another check to their Fedex address. I cancled the original check ($15) and overnighted another check by Fedex. ($29) After a couple of days again no word from them so I called again. Guess what? They claimed once again they never got it. Called several more times over the next couple of days while they “looked for it”. Again, no check. Even though Fedex tracking showed they had received it. It wasn’t until I got the Better Business Burea involved that Affirm Finally found my check. Did they apologize for their neglegence? No, they scolded me for not sending the check by Fedex in the first place and then given them sufficient time to locate it. Again I NEVER got an apology or explanation from these people for their scew up. And to top it off they held my check for an additional 10 days befor they paid off the loan.

NEVER, NEVER will I use these idiots again and I tell everyone who asks of myexperience with AFFIRM.

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Good service

I have had affirm for over a year and I love it. Easy to pay and no issues with payments. I have not had any issues with my credit score lowering due to these loans. I believe it only reports to Experian because I don’t see them on TransUnion or Equifax. No issues with the reports.

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Been Great So Far

I done had 6 loans with Affirm,I always do the 12 month payment plan but end up paying them off in 6 months to save on intrest .No problems so far,easy to make the payments if you have bank account or a debit card acount

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Every time you shop with the card they report to EXPERIAN. So it looks like multiple new accounts are being opened hurting your score. Then when a loan is payed off it shows as closed also not helping the score. I thought these guys were great until I learned their reporting practices the hard way . Buyer BEWARE!

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I would Give 0 if it was allowed

There is no link to speak with a live customer service agent, you have to send an email and wait 24 hours, if you get a response then. I supposedly have an account which I cannot log into with my pnone number, but everytime I enter the code they send to my phone it does nothing except repeat “we sent you a text with a code” ummmm I know that and I keep entering the code. This is rediculous, poor customer service. Maybe thats my sign to run.

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Never Missed a Payment But Limit Lowered

I have had 4 loans with Affirm. I paid 3 of them off early and I never made a late payment on any of my loans. At one time I was approved for more that $4000 in credit. Now for several months that has been lowered just over $2000.

I will just pay off my loan and never do business with them again.


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