Feb 14 2020

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Unsecured personal loan


Unsecured personal loan

Borrow Between $1,000 -$35,000.
Most Credit Types/Situations Considered.
Reasonable Rates With Years To Pay Off.
One Form, Multiple Reliable Offers.

Why Choose Us?

Streamlined Process.
We simplify the personal loan process by providing multiple reliable, no obligation rate quotes with no impact to your FICO scores®, in one place, so you don’t have to spend hours looking yourself. The entire process from form submission with us, obtaining and accepting rate quotes to having your loan fund is often 48 hours or less. However, in some cases funding will take longer than 48 hours. If a rate quote is offered and accepted, your potential lender will advise you what to expect in terms of total time for your request to fund.

Get Connected With The Right Options.
Our service utilizes sophisticated technology, instantly attempting to connecting your request to lenders and providers that are looking for borrowers of similar credit ratings and situations. The lenders we work with are all personal loan lenders; offering APRs between 5.99% and no more than 35.99%, for loans ranging from $1000 to $35,000, with repayment periods of 12 to 72 months. Typically, borrowers with a higher credit score will have access to personal loans with lower interest rates, whereas those with poor credit scores will often receive offers with higher rates.

Total Transparency.
We want to set the expectation when it comes to us assisting those with poor credit. We work with several online partners that accommodate exclusively towards consumers with poor credit. Lenders that work with poor credit are going to analyze more than just your credit score and have more flexible requirements than most traditional banks and lenders do. However, it is important to understand that your credit score and history are still going to be taken into account when determining whether or not to extend financing to you. And while we do help people of most credit types, we can not help everyone and do not guarantee to be able to. One of the advantages of using our service is that checking to see if you qualify for rates is free and does not affect your FICO® Scores.

Safe, Secure & Confidential.
We utilize McAfree Secure server scams and a GeoTrust SSL to ensure your information is always safe, secure and confidential. Also, you will never get any harassing phone calls or emails from us or any of the providers we work with.

You Call The Shots.
You are in no obligation to accept any of the rate quotes or offers our system attempts to provide, or any of the subsequent loan programs presented by any participating lenders. As mentioned, until you actually execute your approving lender’s loan documents with your e-signature, you can exit the process at any time.

We Are Here For You.
You can contact us prior to submitting a request with any questions that you may have. We are also available to help you at any stage of your loan process. No question is too big or too small! We will offer you the best customer service we can. We want you to feel comfortable and confident that you have the answers you need and are making the right decisions.

Let Us Educate You.
No matter if you are a first-time borrower, or have utilized online lenders in the past, our ‘Borrowing Tips’ section contains signifcant info related to the personal loan process. This info is helpful if you are just doing some research, are considering utilizing our loan connecting service for free rate quotes, or applying for a loan with any other online provider or even your local bank or credit union. You can learn about the consequences of defaulting. As well as other various topics inlcuding loan aspects to avoid, advantages and disadvantages of personal loans and understanding interest rates.


Representative Personal Loan Example
For a $5,000 36-month loan at an interest rate of 6.03% with a 1.11% origination fee of $55.50, you will receive a loan amount of $4,944.50 and will make 36 monthly payments of about $152.18 at a 6.78% APR. Total loan cost would be $5,478.48.

Not all participating lenders charge an origination fee. Below are some more general examples of potential loan costs based on varying amounts, terms and APRs. Available terms, APRs and borrowing amounts vary based on the lender, your credit worthiness and information you provide to the lender.

If approved, each lender will offer a clear explanation of rates and terms, including all applicable fees so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not you want to accept the offer being presented to you. You are in no obligation whatsoever to accept any offers presented to you. Until execute your loan with your e-signature, you can exit the process at any time. If you have questions regarding your loan, please make sure you ask your lender prior to e-signing your agreement.

24/7 Lending Group is not a lender and does not represent lenders as a loan broker or in any other capacity other than as a loan referral service, offering free rate quotes. Please note that if you are extended and accept rate quotes, it is not a guarantee that your loan will be funded. Each participating lender has varying underwriting processes that they utilize to determine whether or not to fund your loan.


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